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2699 EUR
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  • Rebuilded
  • 2003
  • 2.5

T5 2.5TDI

  • Categorie: Rebuilded
  • Engine code: AXD , BNZ , AXE , BPC
  • Handing over the old engine you get a discount: 600

VW TRANSPORTER Refurbished Rebuilded Motor Engine 2.5TDI AXD, BNZ, AXE, BPC

Model Year: 2003-2009
Manufacturer: VW / SKODA / AUDI / SEAT
Model: 2.5TDI
Fuel Type : DIESEL

We offer wide range of used engines and transmissions.

We offer:
Each engine is checked and repaired by a trained car master.

- Only high quality new parts are used in the overhaul of our engines.

- We issue a bill with 12 months warranty.

- Return shipping (Refurbished engine from us to you, and the mortgage engine from you to us) costs 150 Eur.

- In addition to the price for the refurbished engine, you will incur a 600 Euro old item deposit for your defective engine. After the engine has been refitted, we will pick up your old engine from you at no extra cost. The old engine must be ready for collection no later than 14 days after receipt of our exchange engine

- The old part deposit will be paid back to you if your old engine comes in its original condition and has no irreparable damage for us, as well as identical and complete, in the same scope of delivery like the obsolete engine sent by us. The must have no cracks, holes or breaks or similar irreparable damage.

- In case of mentioned damage to your engine, unfortunately, no payment of the deposit amount is possible or, depending on the extent, only a partial amount.

- Please no "disposal returns". The returned engine must not be composed of several parts of different engines.

- For further questions you can contact us to avoid confusion.

- We also offer many other engines overhauled, or on request, we also overtake your own engine.